I wanted to personally thank you for loving students enough to take the time to stop by our website. My heart breaks for this young generation and I know yours does as well. That is why you are on the search for an assembly that will impact students at the core of the biggest issues facing our nations schools: bullying, cyber-bullying, suicide, cutters, substance abuse and violence. Read what others are saying to why the 'Destroy Illusions' assembly is the most requested assembly in the nation. Together, we will make a difference to tackle the issues facing YOUR school! - Tom Coverly

What An Assembly Looks Like

The Destroy Illusions assembly is the most powerful 60 minutes your students will ever experience! Tom Coverly instantly gains respect among middle and high school students the moment he walks on stage. The first 20 minutes is full of comedy, modern street magic style illusions that teenagers love and tons of audience participation! The remaining of the assembly, students are on the edge of their seats. Tom relates the illusions into his talk and uses real personal stories in order to communicate a powerful life-changing message.

​Many students have believed the llusions / lies of life. Tom will discuss these lies in a way that breaks down every hardened heart. He has a unique way of capturing attention and present students with reality / truth of life. Truth is ... students do have a purpose and life IS worth living with character and respect.

Tom will speak about a variety of topics, yet his focus is on the word RESPECT. He strongly believes respect for ourselves and others is the root cause of bullying, self harm, suicide, eating disorders and lack of self worth among students . The Destroy Illusions assembly is the most life changing assembly in the nation on the subject of bullying, and yet, Tom NEVER mentions the word bullying.

If you want an assembly that has students laughing, engaged, amazed, few good tears shed and where you can hear a pin drop during Tom's talk, then the Destroy Illusions assembly is a must for your school. Administrators, teachers and parents all agree on one thing ... this is not just a 60 minute life changing assembly, but an assembly that has made positive changes in the school and home life, long after the assembly is over.

Assembly Pricing

Tom can perform up to two assemblies per day. Often times, many schools will do a separate assembly for the middle and high school within the same day. Or partner with nearby school districts to bring Tom in for the same or multiple days to reach as many schools in an area as possible. This makes it more cost effective for each school.

$2,000 total - one assembly
$3,000 total - two assemblies
$4,000 total - three assemblies

No hidden fees! All rates include travel (airfare, hotel, baggage fees & rental car). Need more than 3 assemblies, Tom can come to your town or district for multiple days. Contact us for even lower rates per assembly for more than 3 assemblies.


Top 10 Facts

1. Destroy Illusions assemblies are 60 mins in length. If schedule permits, he loves to interact with students after the assembly.

2. Tom covers a wide range of topics (bullying, suicide, self harm, self image, character, integrity etc). His focus is on the word, "respect"! Tom's program does NOT include any political or religious content.

3. Tom uses a lot of audience participation. Students love seeing their peers on stage. Tom will capture their attention and gain instant respect the moment he walks on stage. ​

4. Tom has spoke to over 2 million students all over the world. ​

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